At the Winter Art Festival in Sochi, copyright and organization of festivals were discussed


The International Conference of the XIII Winter Art Festival (artistic director – Yuri Bashmet) was held in the Sochi Zhemchuzhina Hotel on February 13-14, 2020. A key topic of the forum was copyright protection. Sessions “Protection of Copyright and Related Rights on the Internet” and “Business Solutions and Copyright in the Music Industry” were hosted by Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA).

The participants of “Protection of Copyright and Related Rights” session considered an impressive range of issues related to protection of creative content in the digital environment. The listeners were especially interested in issues related to the policy of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in this area, the activities of the Russian Authors’ Society, and the protection of the rights to works belonging to cultural institutions. The excitement in the audience caused a discussion of practical issues of the introduction of digitalization and network openness of regional institutions. Yevgeny Safronov, Editor-in-Chief of InterMedia News Agency was the moderator of the discussion. The session was attended by:

  • Alexey Kubyshkin (Deputy Director, Head of the Legal Expertise of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation);
  • Maria Pankratova (general producer of “Russian Cinema” company);
  • Pavel Katkov (co-founder of “Katkov & Partners”);
  • Eric Valdes-Martinez (Advisor to the Director General for International Affairs of Russian Authors’ Society).

Discussion “Business Solutions and Copyright in the Music Industry” presented a wide range of system solutions to protect copyright and related rights to musical works. The main attention was paid to the methods of monetization of works, their features and application possibilities in organizations of different types. The discussion was moderated by Irina Yakovleva, Deputy Secretary General of CRSEA. Joined by:

  • Vladislava Korneva (Project Manager at IPChain Association);
  • Grigory Turintsev (Commercial Director at n’RIS Digital Service);
  • Viktor Maksimov (Operations Director at CO-FI Crowdfunding Platform);
  • Daria Kulik (Marketing Specialist at CO-FI Crowdfunding Platform);
  • Alexey Lukinov (Deputy CEO for Development at The First Music Publishing House).

The international part of the conference was represented by the session entitled “Academic Arts Festivals. What are the differences between the festival and the concert season. Cooperation between Russian and foreign performers.” Speakers noted the positive changes that have occurred in Russia in recent years; at the same time, examples were given of the difficulties in organizing festivals, which, as it turned out, were many. The session was moderated by Dmitry Grinchenko, Executive Director of the Winter International Art Festival in Sochi. The speakers for this session were:

  • Gaetan le Divellec (Askonas Holt Director);
  • Patrick de Klerk (CEO of Music Projects for Brussels (Belgium));
  • Larisa Gavrilova (Director of the Yaroslavl State Philharmonic);
  • Maria Vidmak (Deputy Director of the Udmurt State Philharmonic).

In addition, plenary sessions were held within the framework of the festival on the following topics: “The social significance of art today”, “Cooperation to create an environment for the development of academic art and the interaction of academic art and society”, “Gifted young musicians. Identification, training and promotion. Youth regional symphony orchestras and orchestras of educational institutions. Opportunities for interaction, development of orchestral art in the long term”, “Russia – Korea. New prospects for cooperation”, “Russian Seasons 2021”, “Young managers in culture and young audience in concert halls. Interaction with and attraction of new audience” and “Collaboration of academic art with the media in a changing information environment today.”

The conference guests were also able to visit the play by Viktor Kramer “Do not leave your planet” based on the book by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “The Little Prince” and with the participation of Konstantin Khabensky, Yuri Bashmet and the chamber ensemble “Soloists of Moscow”, a gala concert of the opening of the festival with the works of I. S. Bach, H. Turin, D. Shostakovich, E. Chausson, K. Saint – Saens; the World premieres of M. Nyman, K. Bodrova and J. Wang, an ethnic concert of Sona Jobarteh and musical performance “van Gogh. Letters to Brother” featuring Yevgeny Mironov, Yury Bashmet and chamber ensemble “Soloists of Moscow”.

Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi, under the artistic direction of Yuri Bashmet in 13 years was one of the main cultural events of the winter, becoming a powerful cultural institution that unites concert, business and educational programs. The festival is held jointly with St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.