Creative Global Talks: Escrow is the most effective tool for protecting content in the digital environment


On September 24, the third online meeting of the Creative Global Talks series took place in Moscow. This time the topic “Visual art in the digital space: actual problems of authors and users in Russia and abroad” was presented. The international communication platform has brought together leading Russian and foreign experts to discuss the technological and legal challenges facing authors and copyright holders of works of art and photographs in the digital age.

During the discussion, the participants of the round table discussed the problems associated with the use of works of fine art on the Internet. Features of legal regulation and practical aspects in this matter were presenting by copyright societies from Russia, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

The experts concluded that the use of works of fine art in the digital environment takes on various forms: from simple posting of an image on a user’s web page to creating a digital work, a copy of which does not exist in analog form.

The specialists also discussed issues related to monitoring violations and ways to protect the rights of copyright holders in these countries.

Representatives of the international organizations CISAC and IFRRO spoke about the order of interaction of societies for collective management of rights in the world, the policy of relations between right holders with online sites and users, rule-making activities, etc.

The discussion was attended by Yekaterina Chukovskaya, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Intellectual Property and Digital Economy Digital IP, Grigory Turintsev, Commercial Director of the n’RIS digital service, Mats Lindberg, General Director of the Society for Visual Rights of Sweden (BUS), Policy and Regional Development of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO) Pierre-Olivier Lesburger, Director of the Legal Services of the Society for the Rights of Artists (ARS) Adrienne R. Fields, Regional Director of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers for Europe (CISAC, France) Mitko Chatalbashev , Director of the Legal Department of the German Society for the Protection of Copyright in Art (Bild-Kunst) Anke Schirholz, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, Vice President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia for legal issues Konstantin Markov, practicing lawyer in the field of copyright and related rights and a member of the Union of Fo to artists of Russia Vladislav Bagno. Eric Valdez-Martinez, Director of the Association of Copyright Holders for the Protection and Management of Copyright in the Sphere of Art (UPRAVIS) was the moderator.