CRSEA and WIPO discussed the main areas of mutual activities


On October 24, CRSEA representatives met with the World Intellectual Property Organization at WIPO headquarters in Geneva.

CRSEA representatives informed WIPO colleagues about Confederation global initiatives and the main vectors of cooperation between member countries. CRSEA also presented innovative technological services that contribute to the IP market development.

CRSEA Advisor to Secretary General Georgy Kazaryan outlined Confederation’s priority goals: “We support competitiveness of the Eurasian IP market, develop digital technologies and provide protection of IP rights for the  global turnover. CRSEA aims to create a secure digital environment in the Eurasia with the help of platforms and services that will contribute to the effective solution of the problems in the IP industry. Eurasian rightholders are ready to enter the global market, and from our side we will ensure their development within the framework of our partnership with WIPO.”

Benoît Müller, head of WIPO’s Copyright Management Division, pointed out that WIPO’s mission is to create the most favorable conditions for the IP global development: ”Eventually, the more technological solutions are integrated into the IP market, the more opportunities rightholders will get for the development and monetization of intellectual property all over the world.”

Valeria Brusnikina, Head IT projects of IPChain group, presented several key products that allow to form a full digital infrastructure in the regional and global IP market –legal audio and video branding service FONMIX, rights management software package Hypergraph, deposit and  antipiracy service n’Ris, crowdinvesting platform CO-FI, intellectual property exchange service IPEX, Online Patent digital service. The expert also hopes that further cooperation with WIPO will help to create the most effective strategy for the IP development in Eurasia.

As Brusnikina explained, “the services included in the IPChain infrastructure form a sole IP market ecosystem and allow to perform a full cycle of operations with the object-from its deposit to the collection of usage statistics. They are of great interest not only because of the novelty, but also because they really simplify authors, copyright holders, business and the state beeing. All these solutions are intended to make the process of IP management and monetization as transparent and understandable as possible for all parties.”