CRSEA joins the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations IFRRO


The Confederation of Rightholders` Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA) has become a full member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization (IFRRO). The cooperation opens up new opportunities for the development of the sphere of reproduction rights management for visual art objects in the Eurasian region, taking into account international expertise and the experience of other countries.

Membership in the organization provides for the CRSEA an access to IFRRO’s internal resources and a wide network of international partners – national and regional collective rights management societies (CMOs). Thus, the CRSEA will receive tools to protect regional authors and copyright holders interests in the global market more effectively. The decision to collaborate also meets IFRRO’s strategic goals of promoting the legal use of text and graphic copyright works and combating their unauthorized copying around the world. The main objective of the organization is to develop a system of collective rights management through CMOs and to ensure the own activities of authors and publishers.

At this stage, expanding the CRSEA international presence is an important step to create a strong regional institution capable to adequately represent the authors` interests in the global arena, said Andrei Krichevskiy, Secretary General of the Confederation of Rightholders` Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA). “If we want to achieve certain results,  we need to interact with other major players, establish new partnerships, exchange experience and information on best practices. Besides we have something to show to our foreign colleagues –the IPChain intellectual property blockchain infrastructure, software systems and digital services for depositing, managing and monetizing rights of intangible assets. Membership in IFRRO was a logical follow-up of our development strategy, and we highly estimate the prospects for further joint work, ”Krichevskiy pointed out.

Caroline Morgan, CEO of IFRRO, said in turn: “We welcome CRSEA as a Creators’ Association Member of IFRRO. CRSEA, with its 15 members in 9 countries, is working to promote collective licensing in the Eurasian region and has developed a number of technical solutions to facilitate the management of rights. With CRSEA joining IFRRO, we are enthusiastic about the growth of our network which allows the exchange of ideas and practices for a better protection of authors and publishers rights around the globe.” “We are looking forward to working with CRSEA towards a strong management of reproduction rights of text and visual art works in the Eurasian region”, concluded Caroline Morgan.

According to Eric Valdes-Martinez, UPRAVIS Director, in many cases the authors and rightholders in the sphere of visual art are the least protected: “Modern technologies allow us to copy and distribute immediately any content available online. Particulary it hits individual artists, photographers, illustrators and other creators. CRSEA membership in IFRRO will help the organization and its members to gain an enormous experience in protection of  the authors` interests and to apply it in the region taking into account the latest international standards and practices. CRSEA will also be able to share its technological developments with IFRRO community. So, I think, we have an intensive and productive  work to do in the interests of each organization. ”

The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO)  is the major international network of collective management organizations of the rights of authors, visual work creators and publishers.  IFRRO is engaged in the systematic support of CMOs all over the world, including assistance in the exchange of information and experience among its participants, the creation of specialized working groups, the development and implementation of effective business models, universal standards, as well as methods for transferring rights and distributing remuneration between authors and publishers. IFRRO is actively lobbying the interests of its members at national and international venues, organizing major specialized conferences and educational events, as well as with the participation of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

IFRRO currently unites more than 90 reproduction rights management organizations, as well as about 55 national and international associations of authors, creators of visual works and publishers.