Kyrgyzpatent continues to work during the pandemic


The consequences of COVID 19 were difficult for all residents of the Kyrgyz Republic, including representatives of the creative industry.

It is obvious that the lockdown of theaters, concert venues, entertainment enterprises and the service sector quarantine affect the financial stability of the authors.

Kyrgyzpatent is a state agency under the government of the Kyrgyz Republic that performs the functions of a collective rights management organization. In 2020 Kyrgyzpatent issued a decree providing the inclusion of triennium unidentified and unclaimed royalties to the distributed amounts of remuneration for national authors of the Kyrgyz Republic. This decision was made by the Board of Kyrgyzpatent on the basis of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on authors’ and related rights, providing that an organization that manages economic rights on a collective basis has the right to retain unclaimed remuneration, including it in the distributed amounts or using it for other purposes in the interests of rightholders after a three year from the date of its receipt on the account of the organization.

Currently even during the lockdown Kyrgyzpatent continues to pay remuneration to composers, poets, playwrights, translators and performers. Perhaps this additional amount is not so significant, but we believe that this is a real and feasible support from the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the person of our Service for national authors, performers and copyright holders” – said the Chairman of Kyrgyzpatent Dinara Moldosheva.