Participants of Creative Global Talks will discuss development of creative industries in the new reality


On February 25 Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA) will organize Internet-meeting on the topic: «Culture and creative industries in Russia». Participants will discuss the situation in the industry, express their opinion about its development in Russia, elsewhere in the CIS. The meeting will take place on the international communication area Creative Global Talks that will start at 14:00 (Moscow time) on the online-platform Zoom. Viewers can join the event via the link: Record of the meeting will be published on the official YouTube-channel of Creative Global Talks.

According the research of the InterMedia agency consolidated revenue of 300 main companies in the Russian Federation in the sphere of creative industries in 2020 overpassed 4 trillion roubles. Search giants, IT-companies, banks and others joined in the campaign for holding creative industries. 30% of the total volume of revenue of 20 main companies were technological companies, 20% — communications service providers and 15% for media holding companies and the same for banks.

Nonetheless creative industries which realized their work in offline-segment in 2020 became practically the main victims of unexpected and forced constraints. According to preliminary calculations their sales cut more than in 2,5.

Besides of the corona crisis limitations research includes information about the main barriers that keep under development of the sphere. Editor-in-Chief of the informational agency InterMedia Evgeniy Safronov says: «Our research found out great and critical differences in terms and definitions of actual legislation and analytics and also archaic character of many famous terms such as culturally educational event, theatrical entertainment event, variety arts, academic music, show business and others.»

Expert said that that problem was the main and practically invincible obstacle for the development of creative industries.

Director of the Association of Rightholders for the protection and management of rights in the sphere of visual arts (UPRAVIS) Erik Valdes-Martines noticed that deficiency of appropriate support from the government such as tax remissions and not always clear system of financial assistance distribute from the budget block development of the sphere.

«Finally grows down the amount of free creative groups and schools for children. According the opinion polls only one in five children study at absolutely free creative groups. This fact may adversely affect creative industries.»

Besides of financial problems special restrictions placed deficient legal defense of nominal assets in creative areas. Deputy Secretary General of the Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA), member of the Committee on intellectual property and creative industries of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Irina Yakovleva added: «Russia needs the strategy of the creative industries development, document that can systemize the understanding of creative industries in general and ways of its development. In this situation is necessary to take into account experience of the other countries including partners in the CIS, Europe and the USA. Many Russian and foreign experts from the sphere of creative business will take place in the future discussion that made it more interesting. Among other things they will discuss if the research reflects a real situation in creative industries. Artists, musicians, designers and representatives of other creative professions will express their opinion about future research suggestions.»

Speakers of the Internet-discussion will be chairman of the board of the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) Maxim Dmitriev; regional director of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers in Europe (CISAC, France) Mitko Chatalbashev; vice manager of the Centre for Science, Technology, Innovation and Information Policy of the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge of the National Research University «Higher School of Economics» Mikhail Gershman; executive director of the Association of Concert, Theater and Ticketing Organizers Vladimir Zubitsky; director of the Association of Rightholders for the protection and management of rights in the sphere of visual arts (UPRAVIS) Erik Valdes-Martines; singer, author, rightsholder, acting chairperson of the Authors` Council of NCIP and the member of CRSEA Presidium Irina Vidova-Molchan; general director of «Planet-Plus» Evgeniy Finkelshtein; Deputy CEO of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre Karina Kondrashova; general director of «EXPO-PARK Exhibition Projects» Vasily Bychkov; executive director of the Russian Animated Film Association Irina Mastusova; academic of the Russian Academy of Arts, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts, Head of the Scientific and Organizational Directorate for Coordination of Fundamental Research Programs and Innovative Projects of the Russian Academy of Arts Tatiana Kochemasova; Project Director for «TMT Consulting» Elena Krylova.

Moderator – Editor-in-Chief of the informational agency InterMedia Evgeniy Safronov.

CRSEA press-office