Participants of Creative Global Talks will discuss digital transformation of the author capacity


On December 11 will be organized discussion on the international communication area Creative Global Talks on the topic: «Digital transformation of the author capacity». The event will take place on the platform Zoom from 13:00 till 14:30 (Moscow time).

Creative Global Talks

XXI century changed our life and its parts, transformed it into digital reality. On the one hand, online-communication became a common sight, on the other hand – virtual area in different professional spheres is secrecy because of absent huge, long-term expertise of using digital technologies especially in law sector that has an impact on difficulties in decision-making.

For example, fixation of rights, treaty making in paper form are still popular in legal environment. It should seem that electronic gadgets rooted out paperwork but there are members of law relations who are suspicious of electronic documents. In this case we mentioned that representatives of creative industry who prefer face-to-face interaction with their colleagues, come to different organizations in order to see with their own eyes that document exists or sign it. On the other board, we see representatives of digital technologies who do everything to make digital world more than custom or forced necessity.

Position of experts in IT-sphere is understandable, their aim is to be in step with the times, optimize current communication methods. Are the representatives of creative sphere ready for such kind of changes? Somebody.

For example, musician, composer, producer, painter, photographer, stage and film director Stas Namin thinks that paper gradually will become an archaism and all documents includes copyrights and such important documents things as ID, bank documents will be transformed in digital format.

«Nowadays digital services practically displaced traditional paper. On the one hand, it seems as if we switched off computer all documents will be disappeared but on the other hand – influence of digitalization is so huge that are not reverse and unexpected disappear of the Internet may be qualified as force majeure comparable with meteoric fall on the Earth that destroys civilization» he thinks.

At the same time digital reality besides of easy access to information must provide security accreditation because in a real creative sphere it is not realized to the full extent.

«Theft of creative ideas became a common situation and I am faced with it very often. For example, in the theatre – when I heard that our performance «Victory Over the Sun» is played in Bulgaria (Stas Namin is an art director of «Moscow theatre of music and drama of Stas Namin» – editor’s note) or when somebody says that has connected with our performance. As for music – theft is so common that instead of theft it is intelligent called ″adoption″».

At the same time in spite of all difficulties, mistakes and doubts it is pointless to deny digitalization, borders of realty and irreality is so thin. In this situation we can remember works written by Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Herbert Wells and many other writers whose fantastic stories turned into reality.

«In my younger days I overread works of Robert Sheckley, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury and the last one later became my friend in reality. They are genius people. Practically everything they predicted came true or would come true in the nearest future, it is clear for me. As for the digital world I think it changes our life more seriously than it is seemed at first view. Digitalization is not only an information holding, mainly it is an artificial intelligence and this fact will change our world and all our life. As I understand inevitability of the process of victory and artificial intelligence under person, I`m afraid that we can lose the main – person. This point of view I describes in the introduction to my symphony ″Centuria S-Quark″» Stas Namin said.

One of participants of the meeting, head IT projects of IPChain group, CEO IPEX Valeria Brusnikina shares the view about the necessity use of digital world suggestions.

«Nowadays the main place of distribution and use of information is a digital sphere. Rightholders get used to the fact that they distribute their content via iTunes, Yandex.Music and many other b2b streaming services. For the b2b sector was created FONMIX that can allow to receive remuneration for the music that is used as background sound in shops, restaurants and other places. We see all-round call for transformation of all transactions with intellectual property objects to the digital sphere. This way of work develop IPChain infrastructure which became the base for such working products as online marketplace IPEX, service for depositing and protection n’RIS and others. IPChain network fixes all actions happened with intellectual property objects that guarantee permanence and reliability of information about transactions» she said.

Commercial Director of digital service n’RIS Grigory Turintsev also speaks about exploitation possibilities of services for rightholders in digital sphere: «Nowadays we have digital services of depositing fixation of copyright made in electronic version that is very comfortable».

Success factor of effective use of digital technologies is not only legal development of the sphere but also the ability of the practice use of all existed products on the immense territory including CIS and BRICS countries.

«Instruments of digital service n’RIS accredited for the market of all countries of the Customs Union and so service can be used not only in the whole territory of Russia but also in the countries of the Customs Union. Another advantage of communication development between countries of the Customs Union is a partnership with the Skolkovo Foundation and IPChain Association. IPChain Association cooperates with several countries of the Customs Union that allows speaking about the transition to the period of active work and development of services in all countries of the Customs Union» Grigory Turintsev noted.

During the meeting that takes place on the international communication area Creative Global Talks experts will discuss the situation connected with the development of our life and the whole generation in digitalization context, options that digital world opens to the authors and rightholders. Creative community will be presented by organizations-CRSEA members who work in the sphere of author and related rights, and creators. On the other side – followers, developers and representatives of technological platforms.

About life in the digital world will speak the Head IT projects of IPChain group, CEO IPEX Valeria Brusnikina, commercial director of n’RIS Grigory Turintsev, operations director at CO-FI crowdfunding platform Viktor Maksimov, digital-marketing manager of the service FONMIX Georgy Oleynik.

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