Azerbaijan Authors Society


“AzAuthor” is an organization managing both copyright and related rights in Azerbaijan. It has also received permission from the relevant state body on management of rights in the reprographics and reproduction. National authors and publishers supported that decision. “AzAuthor” licenses the use of musical works. The organization is a member of CISAC and IFRRO.

The mission of “AzAuthor” is to become the only reliable organization for the collective management of copyright and related rights in Azerbaijan and act as a guarantor of rights and material well-being of both Azerbaijani and foreign rightholders.

The tasks of “AzAuthor” are as follows:

  • issuance of licenses (by virtue of concluded membership agreements) for public performance, broadcasting and cable relaying, mechanical reproduction and overall reproduction of works of fine art;
  • assistance to third parties in obtaining rights to use the works of science, literature and art on an individual basis;
  • representation of legitimate interests in state and public agencies and organizations, domestically and abroad, by virtue of agreements on mutual representation of interests with foreign copyright organizations;
  • legal assistance;
  • support of national culture, participation in international music festivals;
  • representation and protection of legitimate authors, their legal successors (heirs), as well as other rightholders in state agencies and organizations, both national and foreign, in accordance with agreements on mutual representation of interests with foreign copyright organizations.




I. Mammadkarimov