Kazakhstan Authors’ Society


Kazakhstan Authors’ Society is, by the nature of its activity, an organization for managing the property rights of authors on a collective basis, and according to its legal form it is the Republican Public Association. The Society operates on the basis of the principles of voluntary and equal membership.

The main function of Kazakhstan Authors’ Society is to manage the property rights of authors – issuing permits on behalf of authors for the use of their works, collecting, distributing and paying collected royalties.

Kazakhstan Authors’ Society administers the rights of authors (their successors) on a collective basis in cases where their practical implementation on an individual basis is difficult (public performance, including on radio and TV, reproduction of works by mechanical and magnetic recording, etc.), assists authors (their successors) in transferring rights to use works of literature and art on an individual basis.

Also, Kazakhstan Authors’ Society, both at the request of the authors and on its own initiative, is involved in protecting the rights of authors by filing claims to recover compensation for copyright infringement.

Kazakhstan Authors’ Society also deals with protection of property rights of domestic authors both in Kazakhstan and abroad, and the rights of foreign authors in the country.

Kazakhstan Authors’ Society is a member of the CISAC international organization, which unites 229 societies from 221 countries of the world.



Governing Bodies

  • Chairman
  • Authors` Council
  • Audit Commission
  • General Director

B. Kydyrbek