Regulation for the associated member



1. An associated member of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia International Association in the Field of Collective Management of Rights (the Association) is any organization (public and non-public) that is not a company for collective management of rights, ensuring promotion and protection of interests of authors and other rightholders in member states of the Eurasian Economic Union as well as member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States, BRICS and other countries.

2. Associated participation in the Association’s activities is voluntary.

3. An associated member is admitted to and excluded from the Association by the General Assembly.

4. For the purpose of admittance to the Association as an associated member, the organization intending to become an associated member shall provide the Association Secretariat with the application made in form approved by the Secretariat. The application form must be posted at the official web-site of the Association.

The following documents shall be attached to the organization application:

  • certificate of incorporation (date of incorporation, activities, territory, list of all members of the organization, if any, information on membership in other international organizations, unions, societies, associations etc.);
  • business report for the calendar year preceding the year of application submission;
  • plans of development and activities for the next calendar year;
  • a copy of the decision of the organization authorized body approving the associated membership in the Association;
  • other documents substantiating the expediency of the organization admittance as an associated member of the Association.

5. Based on results of consideration of the Secretariat’s recommendation with respect to each application, the General Assembly:

  • admits the associated member of the Association;
  • refuses to admit the associated member of the Association.

6. An associated member of the Association shall be entitled to:

  • take part in the meetings of the Association management bodies and meetings of the General Assembly as an observer;
  • make proposals concerning the areas of the Association activities to the management bodies of the Association;
  • get information on the activity of the Association and its bodies;
  • take part in activities of the Association Committees;
  • make proposals concerning development of the Association as well as legislative and other statutory regulation of activities of the Association members;
  • take part in all events of the Association;
  • invite the Association members to seminars, round tables and other events;
  • get advice from the Association regarding statutory regulation of the intellectual property in the territory of the Association members;
  • engage the Association and its members as experts in the field of intellectual property when discussing the legislative initiatives designed to protect the authors’ rights;
  • withdraw from the Association at its own initiative based on the application to that effect sent to the Secretariat for consideration and approval at the meeting of the General Assembly. The information on withdrawal from the Association shall be posted at the official web-site of the Association.

7. An associated member may not elect or be elected to the Association management bodies or get any financial support from the Association.

8. The associated members of the Association shall:

  • render assistance to the Association in carrying out its activities;
  • not disclose confidential information on the Association activity;
  • not commit actions (omission), significantly complicating or making it impossible to achieve objectives, for which the Association is incorporated;
  • not commit actions (omission), significantly complicating or making it impossible to achieve objectives, for which the Association is incorporated;
  • fulfil the undertaken obligations to the Association;
  • provide information required for the Association operation, except for the confidential information;
  • not act in violation of the Association Charter, partner relations ethics, refrain from activities that contravene the statutory objectives of the Association.

9. An associated member may be excluded from the Association in case of violation of the Association Charter as well as requirements contemplated hereby. The rights of an associated member shall terminate from the date of the corresponding decision of the General Assembly to exclude such member.