The goal of CRSEA is to consolidate and coordinate of the Confederation members in order to improve data exchange processes, technical support, and protect the rights and interests of rightholders they represent, both at the international and national levels.


CRSEA aims to  implement of the following tasks:


-setting and enhancement the order of information exchange between the members of the Confederation;;

-protection of any objects of copyright and / or related rights;

-representation of rightholders in the national and international bodies on the matters related to the collective management sphere;

-ensuring the efficient functioning of collection and distribution mechanism of remuneration to the rightholders;

-development and implementation of unified standards of copyright and/or related rights management, as well as control  over compliance with the standards across the members’ countries;

-assistance in the establishment and development of collective management organizations in the countries where such organizations do not function efficiently;

-increase of transparency, openness of member organizations to the rightholders they represent.