The technology has transformed our world, provided unlimited opportunities for communication, self-improvement, creativity, business, solving day-to-day problems. Life has moved to a great extent into a virtual environment, which is created today not only by IT-specialists: there was a place for almost all “traditional” professions in this sphere, but success requires now not only traditional, but also innovative knowledge and skills. To be in demand in modern world, a specialist must have a wide scope of competencies at the intersection of different areas and be able to think and make helicopter view decisions. The Scientific  Educational IP & Digital Economy Center was established to prepare such professionals of the new formation. https://dip.global/

The Scientific  Educational IP & Digital economy center offers the programs for  professional development and retraining programs, which cover  legal regulation and development trends of the IP institution and related industries, new tools and services for accounting, protection, ownership and management of intangible assets.  Regulatory, technical and ethical aspects of moderns technologies   of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Legal Tech, Fin Tech and their impact on all areas of business and society are at the focus of the programs as well. Highly reputable and acknowledged lecturers and practitioners will guide you through the programs. https://dip.global/lecturers/

To apply for training on the developed and approved programs https://dip.global/o-programme/, please go to https://dip.global/intellektualnaya-sobstvennost-v-cifrovoj-ekonomike/. You may order a specially tailored for you “turnkey” training: our specialists will create a program for a specific corporate customer, based on his individual needs and educational requests. https://dip.global/korporativnoe-obuchenie/

The Scientific educational IP and digital economy center offers special conditions to CRSEA members.

The relevant knowledge in the reality of the digital economy is the most important investment not just in the future, but in the present!