Experts of Creative Global Talks told authors about effective methods of protection, monetization and realization of creative ideas


On December 11 Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA) organized meeting on the topic: «Digital transformation of the author capacity». Participants of the meeting that took place on the international communication area Creative Global Talks represented creative and IT-sphere.

Creative Global Talks

Experts discussed actual situation in creative sphere connected with security of storage and content using, analyzed the most effective digital-investigations directed on the protection and monetization of intellectual property objects, attracting investments for creative ideas realization.

All participants of the meeting who represented creative industry noted with one voice that for a long time their activity is hurtable on the point of intellectual property protection. Authors and rightholders`problem is many-sided: on the one hand, traditional methods of information holding work may be stolen but on the other hand – many representatives of creative sphere are not sure that digital services or other devices can allow data protection.

As a result authors and rightholders are at a crossroads that confirmed composer, musician, producer of the music group «A’STUDIO» Baigali Serkebaev:

«There was a time when I fixed everything in the old fashion: vocal score wrote on the paper but nowadays such method is forgotten. It is possible that works in paper form may be kept for a long time. For example, musical score or handwritten manuscript that was created about 200 years ago had been preserved in paper yet. Modern authors do not use such methods and paper may be destroyed. As for another types of information keeping they are not absolutely safe: CD disks, for example, can be demagnetized or lost. Authors and rightholders want to get the answer for the main question – how may be guaranteed safety of intellectual property results».

Leading specialists in the sphere of IT and law, represented different services-nodes of IPChain distributed ledger gathered forces to solve the problem. As a result they investigated several IT-services that were suggested for creators, and all of these services proved their effectiveness. Particularly it is referred to such digital platforms as n’RIS, IPEX, FONMIX, Co-Fi and IPChain network.

The head IT projects of IPChain group, CEO IPEX Valeria Brusnikina said that generated all services IPChain network «is an open public network platform that allows manage rights and intellectual property objects in digital area».

«Fundamentally IPChain allows to register facts that are more important for all participants of the market and control every step of the life cycle of the object. It is impossible to change or falsify all actions that are happened with the object because IPChain is based on the blockchain technology», she added.

One of network nodes is a service n’RIS that allows depositing intellectual property objects – rights fixation. n’RIS solves earlier existed problems that deals with the rights fixation via traditional methods in the chain-work: notary – send registered letter or registration in authors’ societies. Service n’RIS works on electronic platform therefore author or rightholder can do everything by themselves.

In addition, n’RIS allows to register any number of works without restriction and for everyone will be got depositing certificate. This rule confirmed the participant of the meeting, singer, author, rightsholder, acting chairperson of the Authors` Council of NCIP and the member of CRSEA Presidium Irina Vidova-Molchan:

«I have used service n’RIS and this experience impressed me very much. I registered about 140 vocal scores of Oleg Molchan`s musical works and for every of the vocal score I received certificate with its own ID. Besides of the description of intellectual property object service gives one more opportunity – user can download the object – phonogram, piano score, photo or any other object that you have».

Service n’RIS for its work uses digital signature – print of date and time certificated by the Minister of digital development, communications and mass media of the Russian Federation. This signature allows fixing date and time when the declaration about authorship was given after then keeping of intellectual property object realized only in encrypted form that regulates access for it by third parties.

«If the user wants to give intellectual property object for third parties and fix the fact of its transferring in order to be able in the future to prove that he/she have created the object and gave it to employer all customers can use the function «share» that is instilled into private office on the web-site of the service. – clarified commercial director of n’RIS Grigory Turintsev. – If the person wants to get admission to intellectual property object that has been created by user, opening the link recipient must write his/her own identification data. This action allows to fix accession fact and minimal background information on the distributed ledger. Such work scheme afterwards can eliminate debates connected with nondelivery of the filled order or its nontransfer».

Fact of effectiveness and ease of use of the service n’RIS confirmed musician, composer, producer, painter, photographer, stage and film director Stas Namin:

«I use service n’RIS because it is easy – besides of recording vocal scores you can download the record. For example, the London Symphony Orchestra recently played my symphony. Therefore, I can download record of the orchestra to the service n’RIS. Music score in this situation is not necessary».

Login details for the entering to the web site of the service n’RIS also may be used as a key to other platforms. For example, for the platform IPEX.

«IPEX gathered authors, rightholders and users of intellectual property objects. IPEX allows to deposit catalogues, find new content and make transactions in different judicatures. IPEX automatizes the process of buying and selling. Legally speaking IPEX is a technical platform that helps to make a transaction – treaty is made only between salesperson and buyer. Due diligence is guaranteed by checking of all members and objects of the treaty» noted the head IT projects of IPChain group, CEO IPEX Valeria Brusnikina.

Realization of creative products may be bring to life with the help of fundraising via crowdlending platform Co-Fi.

«On the one hand authors can fund raising for every project and on the other hand – investors can gain money. Allowing for the fact that every seventh Russian invests money at the stock exchange and stocks investing process is understandable for everybody and does not need to have special knowledge in this sphere. There are the whole army of investors in Russia and its members can invest creative projects of the authors. Crowdlendng allows every member of the process achieve their own aims compliance with all norms of the law » operations director at CO-FI crowdfunding platform Viktor Maksimov said.

Last but not the least was presented service FONMIX that allows transferring background music for business – café, shopping center, restaurant.

«FONMIX is worth-while for the rightholders because it allows them to transfer content directly to the users. Also service forms the record of every using track. If societies of collective management of copyright and related rights make a treaty with the service FONMIX they will receive record in electronic form» explained digital-marketing manager of the service FONMIX Georgy Oleynik.

All services roused a keen response from the representatives of creative sphere. Somebody has been used them yet but several members heard about such kind of services for the first time. For example, songwriter, singer, woman anchor Roza Zergerli and composer, musician, producer of the music group «A’STUDIO» Baigali Serkebaev were interested with services that they opened for themselves during the meeting.

Roza Zergerli noted that it was necessary to promote such services for authors and rightholders more active and then during the discussion send information about platforms for her colleagues.

«Sometimes it is difficult to connect with one or another composer to organize creative collaboration. Such service as IPEX can help to find author fast, offer him/her to work together or buy some of his/her works. As for the service Co-Fi it may give an opportunity to find funding source in order to organize international tour or the concert of some artist» said the singer.

On the opinion of Baigali Serkebaev that he gave at the end of the meeting, all services could help artists to make their creative plans true.

The representatives of the creative sphere were interested in services, asked questions connected with its work in general and also its legal and technical aspects. It is practically impossible to study in details every service during the one meeting. Therefore, the organizer and members of the discussion made unanimously decision to dedicate further meetings on the international communication area Creative Global Talks to this topic.

Record of the last meeting is browseable on the official YouTube-channel of Creative Global Talks.

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