Turkey Professional Organization of Authors of Intellectual and Artistic Works (ILESAM)


Turkiye Professional Organization of Authors of Intellectual and Artistic Works, its acronym is ILESAM, is Professional Organization that serves the public interests in the fields of science, literature and culture, was established in 28 April 1986.

The main function of ILESAM is to protect the substantive and moral rights of owners’ works of science and literature. To protect the substantive and moral rights of Authors (owners) and heritors of all Works. Music, cinema and Works of fine arts are not included in the field of ILESAM’s responsibilities.

Compulsory bodies of Professional Organization are: The Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, Board of dignity, of Editorial Board, Scientific-Technical Board and the Federation Council of Representatives.
Professional Organization is the first and largest professional organization of in the fields of science and literature (About 3000 members).

Legal entities and individuals can become members of ILESAM.

ILESAM is responsible for collecting copyright fees and following the substantive rights related to the Works of all members, specified in the authorization certificate.

Copyright of our members is protected by ILESAM unauthorized users of work.

The opportunity to participate free of charge is provided to our members for organized training activities, in order to increase social awareness and spread throughout the country, about the moral and substantive rights of Works.

Professional Organization offers free legal advice to its members, as well as Cost free exhibition and selling works of our members opportunities are offered on the stands provided to allocate for our Professional Organization, at national and international book fairs.

Organization’s Revenues are formed by entry and annual fees, as a result of the Organization followed the union shares cut from copyright fees and compensation, transferred money from related funds of Ministry of Culture, grants, donations.

Mehmet Nuri Parmaksız